By: Vibha Pingle

2013-07-25 22:45:51

Busy with Initiatives

We've been extremely busy launching new initiatives and workspaces and have not been updating our website as often as we'd like.  Apologies!

In the past 6 months, we've launched workspaces in Uganda and Indonesia, and increased the number of our workspaces in India. We're also getting ready to launch workspaces in Nepal and in the United States in New Orleans.

Our 'spread' across 6 countries by the end of the year will allow us to not just connect our women-members to global markets, but to also learn to work and support each other.  It allows our members to produce more innovative and competitively priced products.

More importantly, it allows our women-members to learn from each other and make global connections.  Women are trapped in poverty because they lack capabilities, information about extra-local markets, and they lack the confidence to take advantage of market opportunities. 

Ubuntu at Work gives its women-members the opportunity and the support to break out of small isolated worlds and connect to global resources.



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