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Cambridge, MA (USA)
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Vibha is President and Founder of Ubuntu at Work. Ubuntu at Work evolved out of her research on women micro entrepreneurs in South Africa, Egypt, Nigeria, India, Indonesia and Nepal. Her research examined why only a few women micro entrepreneurs are able to develop their businesses, while most remain survivalist businesses. After completing her Ph.D. in sociology at Brown University, Vibha lectured in social studies at Harvard University, was a visiting professor at Brown University, an assistant professor at Rutgers, and a fellow at the Institute of Development Studies. She has been a consultant to the World Bank, DFID, the Aga Khan Foundation, UNDP, and Fidelity Investments. Her publications include: Rethinking the Developmental State: India’s Industry in Comparative Perspective (St. Martin’s Press, NY, 1999), Identity Landscapes, Social Capital, and Entrepreneurship: Small Business in South Africa (CPS, Johannesburg, 2001), book chapters, articles in professional journals and in newspapers.


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